For the second year in a row, Aerials Gymnastics of Eatontown, NJ, takes home the GOLD and keeps the title of NJ State Champions! This level 6 team had a fantastic season, having also won all 4 of their competitions prior to the championships!

Aerials Level 5 team also placed 3rd in the State! With one State Champ and 2 Beam State Champions!

Aerials Gymnastics is owned by Sue Sarafian. This team is coached by David Kuhla, Lyndsey Fennell, and Jennifer Grobb.

Individual Results:

Level 6:

Téa Damiano- 1st Place, Bars and Beam. 2nd Place Floor, and 3rd Place Vault.  All Around-State Champion!

Jessica Meyer- 1st Place Vault and Floor. 3rd Place Bars. 2nd Place Beam and All Around.

Liana Bustillo- 2nd Place Vault and Bars. 10th Place Floor and 3rd Place All Around.

Leah Ledwitz- 1st Place Bars. 2nd Place Vault, Beam and All Around.

Jenna McCarthy-4th Place Vault and Floor. 2nd Place Bars and All Around.

Kayla Soyer- 5th Place Bars and Beam. 8th place Floor and  5th Place All Around.

Esin Coskun- 4th Place Beam and 7th Place Floor.

Samantha Brasco- 3rd Place on Floor.

Sarah Curtis- 10th Place on Floor.

Level 5:

Devyn Phillips- 2nd Place Floor. 3rd Place Vault. 4th Place Bars. 6th Place Beam. All Around-State Champion-2nd year!

Riley Maide-10th Place Floor, 5th Place All-Around. Beam State Champion!

Krista Johnson-  9th Place Floor.4th Place Bars and All-Around. Beam State Champion!

Nicole Ryan- 5th Place Beam, 8th Place Bars, 10th Place Vault, and 9th Place All-Around.



Top Row: Nicole Ryan, Krista Johnson, Esin Coskun, Leah Ledwitz, Jenna McCarthy, Samantha Brasco, Sarah Curtis

Bottom Row: Riley Maida, Devyn Phillips, Tea Damiano, Kayla Soyer, Liana Bustillo, Jessica Meyer


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